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Today is Father’s Day
in many areas
of the world.

Father’s Day spending
is traditionally
less than Mother’s Day spending.
40% less.

That’s not surprising.

26% of children
under the age of 21
are being raised by one parent.
82.2% of single parent households
are headed by Moms.

This makes marketing
around Father’s Day
a bit more challenging
as some people have
strong negative feelings
about their F\fathers.

Being a writer,
I tend to focus on
my characters who are fathers.
Other writers
focus on their own fathers.

I don’t ask prospects/customers
about their fathers,
whether or not
they’re spending the day
with them.
I wait for them
to volunteer the information.

Father’s Day
IS a great day to promote.
Merely keep in mind
that quite a few people
don’t have a dad.

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