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Every week,
there’s a new post
on Facebook
from a Mom
because no one attended
her child’s birthday party.

what happened was
the child went to school,
handed out invites
to dozens of kids
and then,
on party day,
is distraught
when no one shows up.

Of course,
no one showed up.

1) The person who decides
whether or not
a child attends a party
isn’t the child.
It is the parent or guardian.
That parent or guardian
might not have even seen the invitation.

2) The parent or guardian
is most concerned about the safety
of her/his child.

How safe will the child be
if the adult organizer of the party
couldn’t even be bothered
to reach out to that parent/guardian?
If the invites are being given
to random people?
If there is no discussion
about allergies or supervision?
If there’s no follow up
on the invitations?

That doesn’t sound
like a safe environment to me.

What does this have to do
with building a business?

Before you ask for the sale,
are you speaking
to the decision maker
(i.e. the ‘parent’ or ‘guardian’)?

Have you convinced her
you’ve met at least
her minimum requirements
for the product/service
(i.e. it is a ’safe environment)?

If you answer ‘yes’
to these two questions,
you are more likely to seal the deal
(have a great turn out at that party).

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