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You attract the customers
you design your marketing material

If all of your photos
feature short-haired men,
you will attract
short-haired men.

Long-haired men,
anyone not a short-haired man
will look at your promo,
not see themselves in it,
and assume the product/service
isn’t for them.

If all of your marketing copy
uses he/him,
you will attract men.
Anyone not male
will read the copy
and believe
they are not your preferred customer.

Because, truthfully,
they aren’t.
You didn’t think of them
when you designed
your marketing material.

If that is intentional,
If it isn’t intentional,
if you’re looking at your customer base
and the lack of diversity
makes you nervous,
be more aware of whom
you’re designing
your marketing material

You attract the customers
you want.

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