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It is very challenging
to keep anything a secret
in today’s world.
Everyone is connected.
Almost everyone has a phone
with a camera and video.
There are Google alerts
and apps
to follow any subject closely.

And you can be certain
your employees
and partners
are following your business

Information is usually better
coming from your own lips.
You can influence
how it is received.

Chris Ruisi,
founder and CEO,
The Coach’s Zone

“…if you have bad news to tell,
tell it!

Never try to spin the truth
or the facts
to make delivering the message
easier for you.

Stay focused on the issue at hand
and don’t let other issues or challenges
distract you from your outcome.

Never let a difficult personality
get in the way of
communicating the right message.

making the decision
is the easy part.
Getting everyone with different views
to buy in and comply
is the real test of a leader.”

If you have bad news,
share it.

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