By k | May 17, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I make mistakes
every single day.
Some of these mistakes
are bad decisions.
I might be not as informed
as I should be
or I could be misinformed
or I could,
as Seth Godin mentions,
be looking at the short term,
not the long term.

Seth Godin

“A bad decision isn’t only bad
because we’re uninformed or dumb.
It can be bad
because we are swayed
by short-term comfort
and ignore long-term implications.

A bad decision feels good
in the short run,
the heartfelt decision
of someone who means well.
But there’s a gap
when we get to the long run.”

The good news is…
almost all bad decisions
can be undone.
That requires sucking up our pride
but it is usually worth it.

And remember to look at
both the short time
and the long term
implications of decisions.

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