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I resisted self-publishing
for years.
I was certain I needed
a traditional publisher.
I was certain a
big New York publisher
was the way to go.

Then I wrote a story
no publisher wanted,
a story my agent
wouldn’t even shop to publishers.

I loved this story.
I thought readers
would love it also.

I was forced to self-publish it.

It is my best selling,
highest earning story
of all time.

I also discovered
I LOVED self-publishing.
It would take quite a bit
for me to return to
a traditional publisher.

I went from curling my top lip
at self-publishing
to embracing it
with everything I had.

I won’t lie.
It was hard to admit
I was wrong.
Friends gave me a rough time
about it.
But it was worth it.
Changing my mind
about self-publishing
was the best thing career-wise
I could have done.

Seth Godin

“The reason
it’s difficult to learn
something new
is that it will change you
into someone
who disagrees with
the person you used to be.”

The benefit of
learning and accepting
new things
is worth the challenge
of admitting you’re wrong.

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