The Big New York Publishers
have reported
that their eBook sales are down.

Media is reporting this
as ALL eBooks sales are down.

There are two issues
with this logic leap

1) The Big New York Publishers
are deliberately trying
to kill ALL eBook sales.
They haven’t been successful
(because of point #2)
but they ARE doing a great job
of killing their own eBook sales.


2) The Big New York Publishers
aren’t the industry leaders
in eBook sales.

Indie publishers are.

In other words,
Big New York Publisher reporting
on eBook sales are meaningless.

Odds are,
you are building a business
that might dislodge your industry’s leaders
Or maybe someone else
in your industry has already done this.

It will take time
for media to figure this out.
During this time,
think twice about using their data.

Know your industry’s leaders.
Pay attention when they change.

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