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In the publishing world,
there are little cliques of writers.
Literary writers
don’t hang out with
romance writers.
Contemporary romance writers
don’t hang out with
paranormal romance writers.
Writers with publishers
don’t hang out with
writers who self publish.

That’s bullshit
limiting thinking.

I will hang out
with anyone who is achieving
what I want to achieve.
I don’t care if that person is a literary writer
or a horror writer
or a romance writer.
I want to learn from them.

I might not be able to apply
all of their experiences
to my situation
but I can usually apply some
and that has made a huge difference
in my career.

Olympic gold medal winner
Erica Wiebe

“I always want to push myself,
and I want to train
and practice with
the best person in the room.

And so whether
that’s a guy or girl
on any given day,
that’s indifferent to me.

I want to compete against
the best wrestler.”

Learn from the best.

*January/February 2017
The Costco Connection

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