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I’m a pantser,
a writer who writes
by the seat of her pants,
who starts a book
with no plan.

I write a chapter a day.
At the end of that chapter,
I won’t know what happens next.
That ‘problem’ will be
the last thought on my mind
before I fall asleep.
When I wake up in the morning,
I almost always have the answer.

This magic happened
during business projects also.

Susan Ford Collins*

“When you’re stuck,
do something else.

Highly successful people say
their most creative ideas come
when they walk away from their desk.

They program in the problem at night
and trust their mind to deliver a solution
when they wake up.”

When stuck on a problem,
if possible,
do something else for a while
and then return to it.

*January/February 2017
The Costco Connection

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