The average person
will act in her own best interest.
She puts her needs first
before someone else’s.

Before I partner
with someone,
I try to figure out
what her goals are
and how partnering with me
will help her achieve her goals.

If it won’t,
the relationship won’t last long.
If her goals butt heads
with my goals,
the relationship also won’t last long
(and will likely end
in an ugly way).

Our goals don’t have to be
the same
but they should be compatible.

Mike Michalowicz,
Co-Founder of
Profit First Professionals,

“Aligning visions isn’t about
moving your company vision
to match that of your staff.
It’s about helping your staff
see their future,
their needs and wants
as tied to the company’s success.

How do you do that?

Assuming you have a clear picture
of what your company
is going to accomplish
and you understand its reason for being,
then you take the time
to find out what your employees value
and what they want to achieve.”

Learn what your business partners want.

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