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Some writers talk about
selling books.
That’s their focus.

My focus is building readership.

It might seem like
these two things are the same.
Readers buy books.
But they are very different.

Selling books focuses on today,
on the single transaction.
If I do X, how many units will I sell?

Building a readership
is long term.
It focuses on the relationship.
If I do X, how many units will I sell
over the next two decades?
Will my ‘forever’ readership
increase or decrease?

Unfortunately, many people
are solely focused on the sales today,
on that single transaction.

Seth Godin

“The season ticket holder
bought a ticket
and got his games.
Even steven.
We owe you nothing.

The dedicated fan
sat through endless losing games.
Even steven.
Ticket purchased, game delivered.
We owe you nothing.

The problem with ‘even steven’
is that it turns trust
and connection
and emotions into nothing
but a number.
Revenue on a P&L.
It ignores the long-term
in exchange for a relentless focus
on today.
Only today.”

Are you selling a product
or building a relationship?

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