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Yesterday, we discussed
how early buyers
are more valuable
than late buyers.

This is important
to keep in mind
when bundling older products.

We do this quite often
in the Romance Novel industry.
We’ll group all of the stories
in a series
into one convenient boxed set
for readers.

The prospects
most interested in this boxed set
will be the late buyers.
The early buyers will already have
the individual stories.

There’s a temptation
to add ‘extra content’
to the boxed set
to try to incite early buyers
to buy the boxed set also.

Resist this temptation.

This tactic punishes early buyers,
that they were fools
to buy the product early.
These customers will remember this
and will wait to buy your next release.

It also makes late buyers unhappy.
These additions are new.
They haven’t been proven,
haven’t been given the stamp of approval
by other buyers.

Reducing the price
on a bundle,
has little impact on early buyers.
They usually aren’t as price sensitive
and they prefer to have the product first
even if it costs a little bit more.

And it makes the more price-sensitive
late buyers

When creating bundles,
consider your different types of buyers.

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