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I talked about customers
who pre-order,
who plunk down payment
before the product is ready.

There’s also a group of customers
who wait.
They wait until there are reviews,
until they know EXACTLY
what they’re receiving.
Often they’re waiting for the price
to drop.

If you asked me,
while I was in my writer persona,
while I was in ‘public’,
which group was the most important,
I’d tell you that I love all my readers
They’re all special to me.
It doesn’t matter when they buy.

But this is client k
and there’s no reason
to bullshit you.
These two groups are NOT equal.

I’m a small business.
I prefer to receive cash now,
rather than six months from now.

I prefer to have customers
who will buy at full price,
who will buy before the product is successful,
who will MAKE that product successful.

If it weren’t for the early buyers
making the product successful,
the late buyers wouldn’t even
be interested in it.

Yes, try to make the late buyers happy
but NEVER at the cost
of the early buyers’ happiness.
They are your most important customers.

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