By k | March 29, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

I always make my books available
for pre-order.
Readers can buy them now
and the books will be delivered
to their eBook readers
on release day.

The latest trend
in the romance novel industry
is putting pre-order books
on sale.

This makes NO sense.

Pre-order folks are superfans.
They love our books.
That’s why they don’t need reviews
to pre-order a book.
They are going to read the books
whether they are on sale or full price.

And their primary concern
is reading books FIRST, not price.
Lowering the price makes NO difference to them.

Giving out a gazillion advanced copies
WILL make a difference to these superfans.
It will make them extremely grumpy
if they don’t receive one.

Don’t reduce the price
for customers
who don’t care about price.

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