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The romance novel market
is extremely crowded.
6,000 books a day
are released on Amazon
and many of them are romance novels.

Readers have the luxury
of only reading a certain type of romance novel
and they do exactly that.
If they like wolf shifter romances,
that is ALL they read.

Which means if a writer,
who normally writes vampire romances,
changes to wolf shifter romances,
she loses all of her vampire romance readers.

The ONLY way to survive
in this crowded market
is to stick to one niche.

Even the huge selling writers
are niche.
They might write everything
but they only publish a certain type of book
and that’s it.

Seth Godin

“More breadth,
doesn’t cause change,
and it won’t get you noticed.

Focus works.
A sharp edge cuts through the clutter.”

In a crowded market,
consider focusing on a niche.

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