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we talked about
how to mentor
in the era of Armchair Experts.

Time to ask a hard question-

Are YOU an armchair expert?

In one of the big writing groups
of which I’m a member,
there’s a writer who has to state
her opinion on EVERYTHING.

The world’s most successful vampire writer
might be talking about writing vampires
and this opinionated writer
will offer an alternative way to write vampires.
This alternative way might be possible
but what she is doing
is diminishing the expert’s role.

If the expert has more experience
or more success than I do,
I shut up and listen.
My role is student.

When someone asks a question
and an expert answers,
unless that answer is clearly wrong
or damaging,
I consider the question answered.
The person has a solution.
We all move on with our lives.

For many questions or problems,
one working solution is enough.

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