By k | February 28, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

Many readers buy
based on key words.

Amazon knows this.
They have a key word section
on their product loading page.

Harlequin has known this
for decades.
That’s why they have titles
‘Billionaire’s Secret Baby’
‘The Cowboy’s Marriage Of Convenience.’

Yet, every second day,
a writer complains to me
about low sales
and I look at
her blurb/book description
and see there are NO key words.

The blurb is well written.
I can tell she has invested
quite a bit of time
into crafting it.
But it doesn’t have
what the reader wants.

I see this happening
in every industry.

The orange juice package
that isn’t predominately orange,
the color orange juice buyers look for.
The library with no books visible
from the outside.
The club with no line up
outside the building.

Know what your target
is looking for.
Give that to her.

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