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In the Romance Novel industry,
we all hear about the Cinderella stories.
XXX was featured on Oprah
and sold a gazillion copies
of her first book.
YYY was discovered by a big blog
and she made the New York Times Bestseller List
with her first book.

So when we talk about promo,
promo that is doable for everyone,
someone always pushes back
and says something like
‘You’ll only sell 5 books
during your all day Facebook party.
Don’t waste your time.’
‘Promoting in groups
will only increase your sales
by 2 or 3 books a day.
Don’t bother.’

Yes, compared to an appearance
on Oprah,
it DOES seem insignificant
compared to NO sales,
2 books sold IS a big deal.

I would have been thrilled
with 2 books sold a day
with my first releases.

Most small businesses
start with small sales
and then build.
Embrace these first sales.

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