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I usually have my books
available for pre-order
for a couple of months
before the release date.

There’s quite a bit
of discussion in the industry
about whether or not
a writer/publisher should offer pre-orders.

IMHO… it comes down
to whether or not
the writer/publisher can sell pre-orders.

Pre-orders are delayed gratification
which is challenging for everyone.
There has to be a ‘reward’ to offset that.

In my case,
my stories usually have a twist.
One of my readers’ greatest fears
is hearing about that twist
before she has read the story.

So she ‘pays the price’
and pre-orders the story.

Seth Godin

“If you’re trying
to persuade someone
to make an investment,
buy some insurance
or support a new plan,
please consider that
human beings are terrible
at buying these things.

What we’re good at is ‘now.’

Right now.

When we buy a stake in the future,
what we’re actually buying is
how it makes us feel today.”

If you’re selling the future,
you have to offer something
to offset that advanced payment.

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