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Anyone in the real estate business
can likely tell you
why a certain person
is very keen on building a wall.

I’ve worked
in the finance department
of a large real estate developer.
It is pretty damn obvious
to me.

It’s the same reason
organized crime loves real estate
(and yes,
I’ve dealt with them also).

It is very easy
to move large sums of money
while minimizing taxes
(and, of course, detection).

My company hires your company
to, say, build a wall.
Your company inflates the invoices.
You give me
(personal me,
not my company)
a portion
of the profits
(under the table
aka off the accounting books).
I get money out of my company
tax free.
Your company hires
friends and family members
to inflate your costs
so it doesn’t have to pay taxes.
My shareholders
(or, in this case, taxpayers)
don’t see the withdrawals.
They’re completely ignorant
of the under-the-table transactions.

It is illegal
and it is definitely tax evasion
but it is very difficult
to trace
and not that many companies
get caught
(especially when your family
has been doing this
for generations).

I suspect a certain person
will be dead
before he’s caught.

What does this have to do
with you and me
and business building?

There will be a backlash
against business
when this is finally uncovered.

The time to build your business
years before
the shit hits the fan.

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