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Yesterday, an estimated 500,000 people
marched in
Washington’s Women’s March.

There were also marches
held all over the US
and all over the world.

These are
wives, mothers, daughters.
The majority of participants
love men.
We live with them.
We love them.
We would protect them
with our lives.

This march was mostly
about two words
- safety and freedom.
If you listened to the speeches,
you heard these two words
over and over.
Usually safety was mentioned first.

Many women don’t feel safe.

Businesses have been responding
to this.
Bars have their
very successful
Ask For Angela campaigns.
Door-to-door salespeople
in my neighborhood
often consist of a male salesperson
and a female salesperson.
A hotel employee yesterday
offered to walk a female friend
to her car
after dark.

How is your business
creating a safe environment
for women?

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