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A Cover Artist recently posted
on social media
about a prospective client’s bio.
The client mentioned
in that bio
that she was a bestselling writer.
The cover artist mocked her
for that claim,
pointing out
that she’s never heard
of the writer.

I once attended an award ceremony
for Stephen King,
one of the best known
writers alive.
The ticket price for the ceremony
was extremely high.
At least five people at that event
asked me what Stephen King did.

That the cover artist
doesn’t know a big name
in her industry
doesn’t mean the writer isn’t a big name.
It means the cover artist is ignorant.

Confessing to that ignorance
won’t win the cover artist business.
Mocking that prospect
makes the cover artist look like a fool.

I read her post
and immediately deleted her
from my list of possible cover artists.

Know your prospects.
If you don’t know them,
at the very least,
don’t question their credentials
in public.

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