By k | January 7, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

Emotion plays a role
in almost everyone’s
decision-making process.

Some decisions
are more emotion-driven
than others.

That makes analyzing them
more challenging.
We can’t look at cost savings
or increase in sales
or brand reach
for these decisions.
We can’t apply logic to them.

We have to look at
the emotional payoff.
For example,
if you voted for XXX
because you liked him,
do you still like him
after he’s elected?
Do you like him more
or less?
If you like him less,
was electing him
a bad decision
is it still a good decision?

It is all subjective.
If you’ve made an emotional decision,
only YOU can decide
if YOU made the right one.
No polls or experts
can decide that.

Evaluate the success
of an emotion-based decision
on the resulting emotion.

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