By k | January 4, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

Almost every saleswoman
has been or will be
called pushy.

Seth Godin

“We call someone pushy
when they are trying harder
for forward motion
than we are.

We call them pushy
when they have more at stake,
or more to gain,
than we think we do.”

Pushy is subjective.
What I think is pushy,
another person wouldn’t consider pushy.
For some people,
ANY action that encroaches
on their personal bubble
is being ‘pushy.’

If you are in sales
or marketing
or, heck, want anything in life,
you WILL be called pushy.

Find peace with this.
Figure out a response.
(My favorite is
“YES, I do want this.”)
Don’t let this label stop you.

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