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When I first started writing
I’d write 100 fresh words a day.
That was it.
100 fresh words.

At first,
that was a tough goal
but as writing became a habit,
the goal became easier.

Then I increased that goal
by 20 words.
When that became comfortable,
I increased it again.

By the time I quit
my full time business gig,
that goal had increased
to 500 words a day.

Seth Godin

“Each of us is capable of
just a little more.
A little more patience,
a little more insight,
a little more generosity.

And if you can do a little more,
then, of course,
you can repeat those changes
until you’ve done a lot more.”

If you do a little bit more
every day,
you’ll eventually be
an unstoppable force.

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