By k | December 24, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Some types of romance novels
are quick readership builds.
Release them
and they either do well
right away
or they never do well.

There are other types
of romance novels
that are slow readership builds.
They take months
of constant marketing
to build their readerships.

Big publishers
aka big companies
need to get a return
for their investors right away.
They think in quarters,
in three month cycles.

They don’t normally touch
the slow build type
of novels.
If they do,
they usually stop marketing them
long before
they find their readerships.

THESE are the type of novels,
I, as a small business,
as a self publisher,
like to produce.
The market is still there
but there’s less competition
and the folks who play in that space
don’t have the big business advantage.

In your industry,
there are likely slow build products
Consider them.

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