By k | December 22, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

we talked about
how people are selfish.
They go into deals,
even business deals,
with personal agendas.

The thing is…
unless there’s huge personal incentive
to deviate from these agendas,
they won’t budge on them.

People are unlikely
to take action
that will personally harm them
physically, financially, emotionally.

Donald Trump,
for example,
will never increase his own taxes.
He has been fairly open
with his investments
and he won’t take actions
to harm them.
He might be unpredictable
in other ways
but he will be predictable
in that.

When you’re building your business,
ensure that either
your business helps your associates
achieve their personal agendas
you give them
sufficient personal incentives
to craft a new personal agenda.

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