By k | December 21, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

I’m selfish.
Most people are
the same way.

I might do things
that benefit others,
like giving to charity,
but that’s
because giving to charity
makes me feel good.

When I get into
any business relationship,
any partnership,
any selling situation,
the first thing
I try to figure out
is why the other person
would be interested
in that relationship/product/service.
What does that person
personally want?

She might be buying
for her company,
might want the best product
at the cheapest price
or the best service
or the most innovative product,
she has a personal agenda also.

Maybe she wants to look
like a cut throat negotiator.
Maybe she wants to land
a huge deal
to impress her boss.
Maybe she wants to delegate
her workload
so she can focus
on a side project.

Once I figure out
what she personally wants,
I can predict her actions.
I can better frame
my offer to make her happy.
I know what she’ll do.

Figure out
what the other person
personally wants.

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