By k | November 20, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I am, hands down,
my harshest critic.
None of my stories
are good enough for me.
I see every error,
every scene that could be improved.

I suspect you’re
your harshest critic also.
Business builders tend to be
this way.

If that’s true,
you need the equivalent
of an editor,
someone you trust,
someone who has your best interest
at heart,
someone who knows what your prospects
will want,
to tell you,
‘This is good enough.’

Find this person.
Listen to this person.
When she is happy,
ignore your inner critic,
and release your product
into the wild.

By k | November 19, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

I watched a documentary recently
about a corporate employee
who was laid off
at the age of 61.

He was having issues
finding another job
and blamed his age.
However, he readily admitted
that he didn’t know the new technologies
prospective employers were using
and he wasn’t interested
in learning them.

THAT, I suspect, was the bigger factor
in his job search.
It might have also been
the reason he was laid off.

Client K is about brutal honesty
and the brutal honesty is,
whether you have 2 years to retirement
or 20 years,
if you’re not learning new things,
new technology, new ideas in your industry,
you’re not doing all of your job.

Part of your job is to remain relevant.
It might not be on your annual review
but it is assumed that you will do this.

If you take 3 or 4
courses or workshops
(and there are plenty of free courses
available online)
every year of your employment,
by the time you reach the age of 61,
your depth of knowledge
should offset any qualms about your age.

Do your job.
Learn new things.
Stay employable.

By k | November 18, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

As business leaders,
we’ll fail.
We’ll make mistakes.
We’ll disappoint some people.

Because as
Seth Godin

“…there has never been
a perfect leader.
There has never been
a flawless president.
There are always weaknesses,
foibles and scandals.
It takes more than a hundred years
before the patina sets in,
and even then,
most great leaders throughout history
had defects that would cause them
to wither under today’s profit-minded,
scandal-focused media.”

You won’t be a perfect leader
but you CAN be a great one.
You can make a difference.
You can change the world.

By k | November 17, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Business builders,
like you and I,
are either
super busy in December
because our customers are buying
during that month
or business is super slow
because our customers aren’t buying
and partners are on vacation.

If you’re super busy during December,
it makes sense to work hard
in November,
complete some of the projects
that don’t have to wait
until next month.
That will make
December less hectic.

If business is super slow during December,
it also makes sense
to work hard in November,
clear as much of next month’s workload
as possible
and have a truly relaxing December.

Let’s push it this month,
get tasks completed.

By k | November 16, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

Like many online shoppers,
I shop via the internet
because I’m super busy.
Super busy people
get interrupted.
They get distracted.
They have emergencies.

One of the features
I LOVE on online stores
is, if I’m interrupted
in the middle of shopping
and I don’t check out,
these stores will send me

Mike Trevino,
Founder of
Indigenous Software,

“For customers
who were browsing products,
does your e-commerce platform
allow you to see
if they got stuck at the shopping cart?

Maybe they just need
a little reminder.
Many platforms can auto-send
cart abandonment emails,
inviting customers to return
and complete their purchase.”

If you have an online store,
ensure you send reminders
if shoppers don’t check out
Your customers will thank you.

By k | November 15, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Romance is
one of the largest genres
in literature.

Because it is so large
and it is female-dominated,
there’s quite a bit of push back
from non-romance folks,
especially the media.

But romance survives
and thrives
as romance writers, publishers,
other industry professionals
constantly remind readers ,
we’re fighting the good fight.

Romance novels are about
love, hope, and optimism,
a message many readers can believe in
and support.
It isn’t simply literature.
It is a CAUSE.

Denise Barreto,
Founder of
Relationships Matter Now,

“People will do anything
for people that they believe in
or that believe in them.”

Give your customers,
employees, partners
something to belief in.

By k | November 14, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

As we near
the end of the year,
many of us
are planning
new product/service releases
for 2017.

We should also consider
whether or not
we wish to retire older products/services.

Perhaps when we first started
our businesses,
we offered quite a few different products/services,
not knowing which one
would interest prospects
or ourselves.

Now, months or years later,
we have found our niche
and some of these offerings
don’t fit into that niche.
They’re distracting,
send a confusing message
to prospects.
Consider retiring these offerings.

Maybe you’ve updated
the product/service.
Consider retiring
the old product/service.

Maybe offering that product/service
at the market price
is too costly.
Consider retiring it.

Focus is powerful.
If a product/service isn’t adding value,
eliminate it.
Concentrate on the products/services
you DO want to offer.

As an aside:
I retired over 100 stories
in 2016.
My total sales increased.
A bigger selection
isn’t necessarily better.

By k | November 13, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I’m very fortunate
that one of my series
has attracted quite a few fans.
That popularity means
readers are writing fanfic.
They’re writing their own stories
about my characters.

It is extremely challenging
to hear about my characters
doing or saying or feeling things
I know they wouldn’t.

But I have to allow that
to happen.
These fans bought my books
and are now playing with my characters.
I didn’t intend for them
to write their own stories
for their personal use
but they have that right.
They aren’t hurting anyone else.
I have to let my product go.

Odds are…
right now,
someone is using your product
in a way
you’re rather she/he not use it.

If it isn’t hurting anyone,
you should allow them
to continue.

We have to let
our products go.

By k | November 12, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

There are no easy sales.
Almost every big sale you make
will have speed bumps,
times in the sale
where everything goes wrong
and you think
the sale is lost.

You will be depressed,
frustrated, angry,
in the depths of despair.

This is when
your loved ones,
the folks who support you,
can make a big difference.

They can remind you
there are no easy sales,
that this is a speed bump
you will get over,
that you have other sales
in the funnel,
that you HAVE this,
you can deal with this situation.
They can give you
the optimism
that every salesperson requires
to make a sale.

If they are new to supporting you
in sales,
these loved ones will likely need
to be coached
(as you needed to be coached
when you took on a new role).

Our natural reaction
is to dwell in the depths of despair
with our loved ones.
This isn’t helpful.

To help you,
as a salesperson,
our loved ones need training.
They need to learn
how to do the opposite
of what their instincts
tell them to do.

When you feel able
(i.e. semi-rational),
tell them what you need to hear,
give them the tools
they will require
to support you.
Then remind them
from time to time
because they will relapse.
It takes time
to learn this new skill.

Supporting a salesperson
isn’t something
people are born to do.
Coach your loved ones.

By k | November 11, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Today is Remembrance Day
in Canada.
One of the Remembrance Day exercises
my primary school teachers
would always give us
was to research our own family history
and share a story about a war,
any war,
with the class.

What this did
was make the event personal.
The hero of the story
wasn’t a stranger.
It was our mom,
our grandpa,
our great grandmom.

We cared about these relatives
and we paid special attention
to the stories others told
and the lessons taught
knowing that might have been
what these relatives endured.

This is what
great marketers do
with their product/service stories.
They make
the stories personal.
They make
us feel.

Make your marketing stories
for your prospects.