By k | November 28, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The competition for talent
is always fierce
and many of us,
beginner business builders,
folks who haven’t yet built
huge businesses,
might feel like
we’re at a disadvantage.

We might not be able
to offer the big bucks
or the big name on the resume.

we CAN offer talent
a safe place to work,
a place where their views
are valued
and they’re not judged by
the color of their skin
or whom they’ve married
or the religion they practice.

A year ago,
I would have said
that wouldn’t be a differentiator.
Almost all large companies appeared
to be tolerant.

the world is different,
especially in America.
We now know
that tolerant folks
are the minority.

Being able to work
in an environment
in which you know
EVERYONE accepts you
is a huge benefit.

That’s something
only a smaller company
can offer.

Tolerance can be an advantage.
Use it to build your business.

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