By k | November 25, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

At the moment,
the US is predominately white.
As of 2012,
72.4% of residents are white.

However, in 100 years or less,
that number will drop below 50%.
That’s simple demographics.

Even if those demographics don’t change,
the rest of the world
is diverse.
(I don’t need a link for that.
It’s a truth no one can argue with.)

That isn’t going to change.

I write my books
(develop my products)
to exist in a diverse world.
I want sales on them
to continue for decades.

I craft my marketing
and my sales copy
to appeal to everyone.

I look at the entire world
for new product ideas,
tracking trends, etc.

The world is diverse
and will become even more diverse.
If you’re not building your business
to embrace diversity,
you’re limiting its potential.

As an aside:
If you’re not raising your kids
to live in a diverse world,
you’re severely limiting their potential also.
I doubt they will thank you
for that.

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