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One of the biggest struggles
in the Romance Novel Industry
is the control over story.
Who decides
what story
a bestselling writer
will write?

Publishers want control
over this.
Agents want control
over this.
Writers battle
to keep their control.

Why is this key?
Because story decides
everything else.
It is the beginning.
And it is often
the most unique piece.

Lawrence Levy,
Former CFO
of Pixar,

“I can say that
whether you’re making
bottled water, mobile games,
or computer chips,
the decision of
who has control
over the creative elements
is among the most important
any team will make.

Fear and ego conspire
to rein in creativity,
and it is easy to allow creative inspiration
to take a back seat to safety.

It is one thing to cite the adage
“Story is king.”
It is another thing entirely
to live by it.”

Decide who has control
over the creative aspects
of your business.

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