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I watched a documentary recently
about a corporate employee
who was laid off
at the age of 61.

He was having issues
finding another job
and blamed his age.
However, he readily admitted
that he didn’t know the new technologies
prospective employers were using
and he wasn’t interested
in learning them.

THAT, I suspect, was the bigger factor
in his job search.
It might have also been
the reason he was laid off.

Client K is about brutal honesty
and the brutal honesty is,
whether you have 2 years to retirement
or 20 years,
if you’re not learning new things,
new technology, new ideas in your industry,
you’re not doing all of your job.

Part of your job is to remain relevant.
It might not be on your annual review
but it is assumed that you will do this.

If you take 3 or 4
courses or workshops
(and there are plenty of free courses
available online)
every year of your employment,
by the time you reach the age of 61,
your depth of knowledge
should offset any qualms about your age.

Do your job.
Learn new things.
Stay employable.

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