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Today is Halloween
(in some areas of the world).

There’s a movement
to stop trick or treating.
Kids don’t need the candy.
It isn’t safe to be knocking on doors
(though an adult should be with the kids).
Parties are more efficient.

These are valid reasons
not to trick or treat.

But there are valid reasons
TO trick or treat.

Trick or treating is often
a kid’s first experience at ’sales.’
She is knocking at a stranger’s house
and asking for candy.
She knows she has to do something
(dress up and
give the prospect an experience)
for the candy.
She also has to ‘ask for the sale’
by saying trick or treat.

Sales is a valuable skill
for everyone.

Kids have to interact
with people face-to-face
while trick or treating.
They aren’t messaging the person.
They’re talking to the person.

They’re exploring
their creativity
while thinking about costumes.
They’re actively thinking
‘Who do I want to be?’
They’re planning for the future
and looking at steps to achieve
that future.

Halloween is also a community building event.
It is often the one day a year
where almost everyone in the community
is involved.
I believe it is important to show kids
that a community can pull together,
can support a common goal.

These are the reasons
I believe in trick or treating.
Have fun tonight!

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