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When we think of business mentors,
we first think of
people in the business world.

It IS good to have businesspeople
on our teams of advisers.
They’ve been there,
done that,
have been in similar situations
as we will eventually experience,
can guide us.

educators can add value also.
They have a wealth of research,
connections to former students,
insights others might not have.

Gwen Whiting,
co-founder of
The Laundress,

“When we conceived
of The Laundress,
the natural thing was
to reach out
to our Cornell network.

We knew
this was her specialty,
so we asked her
to meet with us.

She taught us
the science of detergency
in a crash-course weekend
and has been our mentor
throughout the journey.

As an educator,
she never told us
what to do.”

Consider adding educators
to your mentorship team.

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