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There’s a misconception
that, in modern romance novels,
the heroine gets rescued
by a tall dark handsome Prince Charming.

She doesn’t.

In a well-written romance novel,
the heroine ALWAYS rescues herself.
The hero might help her
but she’s responsible for her success.

You’re responsible for your success also.
There might be mentors, partners, others
helping you
but YOU have to ’save’ yourself.

Barbara Corcoran,
real estate entrepreneur,

“I had a hard time
learning to read
in school
so I read picture books
to myself
until I was about 11.

Cinderella remained my favorite,
but I got a whole different message
out of it
the older I got.

I figured out
I probably wouldn’t get a lucky break
someday to take me
out of our overcrowded apartment
—we had 10 kids and 1 bathroom
—so I let go of the idea
that I would be rescued
and decided I’d better
become the prince.

I worked my ass off
after school from age 12 on
and got as many jobs
as I could,
figuring if I could work really hard
I could be the one
to make other people’s
dreams come true.”

Don’t wait for anyone
or anything.

Make your own dreams
come true.

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