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I ignored Indie publishing
for years.
Writers told me
to try it.
I resisted.

Then readers started asking
for things
that I,
as a writer with a publisher,
couldn’t provide.

I realized then
that Indie wasn’t a fad.
It was a game changer
and it was not going away.

A game changer
will happen in your industry,
if it hasn’t already.

There are ways
to be more responsive
than I was.

Scott Anderson,
in the Autumn edition
of UofT Magazine,

“Companies that
navigate disruption successfully
tend to be structured
in tightly knit teams,
cultivate close links to
customers to anticipate
their future needs
experiment across
multiple generations of technology.

Rotating managers
among different areas
of the company
also helps those managers
embrace innovation more easily.”

The link to the customer,
is key.

Change is coming.
Build your business
to survive
and possibly thrive in it.

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