By k | September 26, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Every day,
at least 6,000 books
are released on Amazon.

I suspect your industry
is also crowded.

The big markets are massive.
It is impossible to sell to
every prospect.

But you CAN sell to
every prospect
in a smaller niche.

That’s one of the best
‘tricks’ to increasing book sales.
Dominate a niche.
Make those niche customers happy.
THEN expand to a larger market.

Seth Godin

“Too often,
we’re attracted to
a marketplace (a pond)
that’s huge and enticing,
but being a big fish there
is just too difficult
to pull off
with the resources at hand.

It makes more sense
to get better
at finding the right pond,
at setting aside our hubris
and confidence
and instead settling for a pond
where we can do great work,
make a difference,
and yes, be a big fish.”

Start niche
and then expand
(or not).

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