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One of my writing buddies
gets excited about
a new marketing or sales strategy,
tries it for a week,
doesn’t see any results
and quits,
declaring them unsuccessful.

The reason she tries these strategies
is because they have worked
for someone else.

That someone else, however,
has stuck with the strategy
for years.
She hasn’t jumped
from strategy to strategy.
Strategies often need time
to work.

Strategy loyalty
requires patience
and a great deal of faith.

It is easier for me
to have faith in a strategy
if I understand it,
if it makes sense to me,
if it meshes with my core values,
if I would employ it
even if it didn’t result in sales.

The first book in a series
for free strategy,
for example,
makes sense to me.
I’m asking readers to possibly invest
in a 12 book series.
Giving them the first book
for free
minimizes their risk,
shows them that I realize
I’m asking them
to make a huge investment.

Implement marketing and sales strategies
that makes sense to you
and then stick with them
for at least a year
(or until something significant changes).

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