By k | September 23, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

There is a growing group
of readers on Amazon
who buy my books,
read them,
and return them.

Amazon has a very inexpensive
unlimited borrowing option
these readers pride themselves
on paying nothing for their entertainment.

Readers pay nothing
Amazon incurs costs.
They send the eBook.
Invoice the eBook.
Process that payment.
Process the return.
Deal with customer service issues.

Amazon is a big company
and can, I guess, absorb these costs.
You and I have smaller companies.
These costs are significant for us.

AND this method of legally stealing
from our businesses
is contagious.
I’ve heard readers boast to others
about what they’re doing,
saying if companies didn’t approve of it,
they wouldn’t allow it.

Track the information
around returns.
Look for serial offenders.
Have a return policy.

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