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Cash flow is king.
If our businesses run out of cash,
we’re done.

If you sell to businesses,
one of the things tying up
your cash flow
could be your customers.
They’re not paying their bills.

Brian Moran

“Consider starting with
the customers
who owe you the most money,
as well as those
who are the most delinquent
in paying you.

It’s possible their business
is struggling,
or maybe they never received
your invoice.

Regardless, a phone call
may help clear up
most of the problems.”

They might, also, be simply
waiting for that phone call.

I’ve worked with many companies,
some of them big brands,
that had the policy
that they wouldn’t pay vendors
unless the vendor asked
to be paid.

Their thinking was
‘You must not need it
if you’re not asking for it.’

Ask for payment.
You DO need it.

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