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A salesman loved one
lists all of his sales calls
and other accomplishments
in his online calendar.

When he needs motivation
or optimism,
he looks at these entries,
reminds himself
of everything he’s accomplished.

Barry Moltz

“Once an item is checked off
the to-do list,
consider adding it to
a daily or weekly
accomplishments list
in order to feel proud of
what has been achieved.

This may prevent you
from getting dragged down
by the size of the list,
and may help you acknowledge
all the work you’ve done.

Tracking your accomplishments
may also help you judge
whether the completed items
on your to-do list
are contributing to
the company’s overall mission,
and if you should delegate tasks
to a member of your team
to free up your time.”

Consider keeping
a parallel accomplishments list.

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