By k | June 30, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

A story of mine is due
to my editor-for-hire

Normally, it takes me
two months to write a story
of this length.
I wrote this story in a month
(and I’m damn happy with it).

It came with sacrifice.
I didn’t leave the house all month.
I didn’t see friends,
saw very few family members.
I didn’t sleep much.
I worked long hours.
I was a bit grumpy.

But everyone knew I was
on this tight deadline
and they accepted that.
They also know
the push will be over tonight.

I will be brain dead.
It also won’t be
a working day.
Friends and family will expect
to see me,
to spend time with me.

We all have to push it
from time to time.
The key is
to have an end date
for this push,
communicate it to loved ones,
and spend time with them
once the end date has passed.

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