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David Cameron resigned
as Prime Minister
after Britain voted
to leave the EU.

I understand why he would do that.
He represents the people.
That’s his job.
And, after the vote,
he realizes
he’s out of touch
with what his people,
both his employers and his customers,

As business builders,
it is easy to find ourselves
in the same situation.

We sell baby clothes
but our own kids
are now teenagers.

We manufacture dairy products
but we’re now lactose intolerant.

We sell to low income customers
but we now live
in a middle class gated community.

What do we do?

One option is the David Cameron option.
We step aside
and allow someone more in touch
with our customers
to lead the company.


We put in the work
to stay in touch with our customers.
We hang out where they do.
We watch the TV shows they do.
We learn everything
we can about them.

To increase the odds
of success,
the leader of your company
HAS to stay in touch with your customers.
Either give the job to someone else
or make staying in touch
part of your job.

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