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A year ago,
I was the least seasoned,
least successful writer
in a boxed set of 20 writers.

It was a bit intimidating.
They were better than me
I felt stupid and useless.

So I kept my mouth shut
and learned.
I learned more with that boxed set
than I’d learned in the previous year.
Not only did that boxed set
end up on the USA Today Bestselling List
but my skills jumped
two or three levels.

Seth Godin

“It takes guts for an employee
or a group member
to aggressively try to persuade people
more passionate,
more skilled or smarter
to join in,
because by raising the average,
they also expose themselves
to the fact that they’re not as good
as they used to be

If you want to improve
team with people
who are better than you.

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