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Sunday revealed episodes
of two big TV shows
- Game Of Thrones
and Penny Dreadful.

the time slots for these shows
are different.
Viewers can watch both.

This week,
Penny Dreadful,
the show with the smaller viewership,
overlapped their two-hour ending
with the Game Of Thrones slot.
This forced viewers to choose,
which made viewers unhappy
and lowered viewership
for both shows.

Why they did this?
I don’t know.

I found out that a much beloved writer
in a niche I’m writing in
was re-releasing a popular series
along with a new story
in the same month
as one of my books was releasing.

I changed my release date.

Readers, book bloggers and reviewers
were thrilled.
They didn’t have to choose
who to support,
who to promote,
who to read.
They viewed it
as me being respectful of their niche,
identifying me as one of their tribe.

The other writer was grateful.
She is promoting me
to her much larger readership.

If you can avoid
head-to-head competition
with other people/companies
in your niche,
consider doing so.

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