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My gut is often the difference
between failure and success.
I have to make a decision.
Everything looks good
but something isn’t quite right.
I have that feeling
that I’m making the wrong decision.

So I change my decision
and days or weeks or months later,
I discover my gut was right.

The issue is…
the gut isn’t loud.
The gut is quiet,
a murmur,
a sensation.

If I’m distracted with other projects
or tasks or my email or my phone,
I won’t hear it.

This is why being fully present
is so important.

Business journalist
David Gelles,
in the May/June 2016
The Costco Connection,

“When we actually start
paying attention
to what we’re doing,
we’ll notice a whole lot of things
that we might otherwise miss.

When we can stop
this incessant mind wandering
and actually be fully present in the moment,
there is a whole range of sensations
that reveal themselves to us
that we’re otherwise
usually too distracted to notice.”

If you have a big decision to make,
give that decision your full attention.
Be present
and listen to your gut.

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