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I believe in focus.
Yes, I delegate
so things are happening
at the same time
but different people are completing
these tasks.
I only focus on one task at a time.


Because I perform these tasks
faster and better.

When I try to complete two tasks
at the same time,
my brain isn’t split 50/50 between the tasks.
I need a portion of my brain
to switch back and forth between them.

(This is why
I tend to group similar tasks,
decreasing the adjustment time needed
between them.)

According to a
Stanford University study,

“…people who are HMM
(research jargon for Heavy Media Multitasker)
do not pay attention,
cannot control their memory
and cannot switch easily
from one job to another
as adeptly as people
who concentrate on one job at a time.

Basically we’re assaulting our brain
with so much information
that it becomes overloaded
and can’t cope.
We lose the ability to filter out
the unimportant and irrelevant.”

Focus on one task
at a time.

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