By k | May 24, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

There are some huge reader groups
which prohibit marketing.

Some writers are getting around
this rule
by asking for help.
The topic they need help on
requires them
to talk about their books.

What this does
is waste everyone’s time.
Other writers try to help them out.
But this help isn’t needed.

And because these shady promoters
are posting these fake questions
on multiple groups,
the writers soon discover
they’re not serious.

They feel like fools.
They vow not to help
that person again.

Unfortunately, we all know people
who try to sell or promote this way.
They ask an idol or mentor for help
and then slide in information
about their projects or products.

This rarely works
and it often destroys relationships.

Only ask for help
if you truly need help
and you truly plan to listen to it.

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