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Seth Godin

“A problem is open
to a solution.
That is what makes it a problem.

A paradox,
on the other hand,
is gated by boundaries
that make a solution impossible.”

The solution,
as Seth Godin points out,
is to remove a boundary.

I see this in the product development
for my stories all the time.
I’ll write myself into a corner,
putting my characters in a situation
where they can’t possibly survive.
That’s a paradox.

Then I’ll rewrite the scene
changing one small thing.
Maybe the heroine has two guns
instead of one.
Or she is standing closer to a door.
Or the villain arrives a moment later.
And the scene works.
The paradox becomes a solvable problem.

If you’re struggling with
an unsolvable problem,
consider removing one of the boundaries.

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